Health Care Access

Providence Express Care
Walk-in medical kiosks, generally located in stores that have a pharmacy, offer immediate care to patients. For a nominal fee, such as $35, people can receive a diagnosis through communication with a doctor on the internet. A medical assistant in the kiosk checks the patient’s vital signs, gets basic information in a private room, then connects the patient to a doctor online.

Pursuing information on installing a Clatsop County kiosk.

Partner: Providence Seaside Hospital.

Tobacco Cessation
Encouraging doctors to talk to their patients about their tobacco use and encouraging them quit, while providing them with resources. “Smoking and tobacco use in the three counties served by our Coordinated Care Organization is among the highest in the state,” says Safina Koreishi, MD, medical director for Columbia Pacific CCO. “Quitting tobacco is the No. 1 thing you can do to improve your health,” says Steven Blakesley, Clatsop County health promotion specialist.

Care Message: 26-week quit program through text messages. The service is free, but standard text messaging rates apply. People can enroll in the program by texting QUIT to 503-831-9124 and following the prompts.

Partners: Columbia Pacific CCO, Clatsop County Health Department.

Nurse Family Partnership
Nurse-Family Partnerships offer support for vulnerable first-time mothers to have a healthy pregnancy and beginning of life for their newborn. Nurses work with pregnant women and through the first four years of a baby’s life to educate new parents on healthy development and responsible behavior.

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The Way to Wellville and United Way of Clatsop County partnered to bring FamilyWize prescription savings cards to the community. Cost is the No. 1 reason people do not take their prescription medications as directed. The free cards offer a discount on prescriptions for everyone, whether or not they have insurance. People can save an average of 40 percent on their prescriptions. Nancy Knopf, a member of the Way to Wellville Strategic Advisory Council, says, “Providing people with the FamilyWize prescription savings cards is one step we can take to assist the community to improve their overall health care.”

Results between April 16 and August 16, 2016:

96 people served

137 prescriptions

$6,175 saved

49% average discount

Partners: FamilyWize and United Way of Clatsop County.