Community Wellness

The Way to Wellville collaboration among many members of our community brings a high level of resources to promote wellness among Clatsop County families and children. Here’s a brief recap of some of the initiatives going on this year.

RX 4 Play

To increase physical activity for residents at risk for obesity and other health problems,  physicians and medical providers prescribe an Rx for play. Patients receive a pass to local park and recreation facilities, for activities like swimming, workout rooms and classes. They also receive parking passes to the National Parks and State Parks to get out and enjoy the natural outdoor areas while walking, hiking, biking or running.

Tackling obesity through diet and increased exercise is a key to a healthy lifestyle. Obesity can lead to high blood pressure, high cholesterol and Type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Results as of November 2016:

2,500 English, 500 Spanish prescriptions handed out to patients

200 Parks & Recreation passes redeemed for Seaside an Astoria

70 National and State Park passes redeemed

36 doctors participating and prescribing Rx 4 Play

Partners: National Park Service, Astoria Parks and Recreation, Sunset Empire Park and Recreation, Providence Seaside Hospital, Columbia Memorial Hospital.

$10,000 Providence grant to start program.

$5,000 Providence grant to buy more prescription pads.

2,000 Mile Challenge

The Way to Wellville partnered with the National Park Service to sponsor the “I Will Walk 2,000 Mile” challenge. Teams of 1 to 10 people challenged themselves and other teams to complete 2,000 miles over the course of a year or 500 miles in a 90-day period. On a team of 10, if each member completed 4 miles a week, the team covered 2,000 miles in a year. Individual and team miles were logged on a Facebook tracker page. The challenge began October 1, 2015 and ended October 1, 2016.


400+ individual

72 teams

73,000 miles logged

Partner: National Park Service

Early Childhood Clinic
Kindergarten readiness clinics were held in Astoria and Seaside. Children played with colorful toys as nursing students weighed and measured them. Volunteers met with parents and offered materials on parenting, healthy eating, education and more. Children were assessed for hearing, physical, visual, development, speech and nutritional benchmarks. “Kindergarten isn’t what it was even 10 years ago,” said Dan Gaffney, Clatsop Kinder Ready coordinator. “Making sure children are healthy and ready to learn is a key component of preparing them for success.”


75 volunteers performed assessments for children 2 to 5 years old

Referrals were offered for follow-up care, where needed.

Partners: P3, NW Regional Early Learning Hub, NW Regional Education Service District, Kinder Ready, Providence Seaside Hospital, Clatsop County, Oregon Community Foundation, Clatsop Community College nursing students.

$10,000 Providence grant.

Passport for Wellness

Passport for Wellness or Clatsop Kids Go, is a program for Clatsop County elementary school children to reduce and prevent obesity. The goal is to create a culture of positive attitudes, knowledge and behaviors around nutrition, physical activity and emotional well-being. Third, fourth and fifth-grade students are chosen by school counselors, administrators, teachers and staff to work with a wellness coordinator in the schools. Physical activities include use of hula hoops, jump ropes and yoga. In addition to physical activities, students participate in mindfulness training, nutrition education, growing a garden and healthy cooking. Incentives are awarded to student participants including a water bottle and a Passport Journal for tracking accomplishments.


50 third, fourth and fifth-graders are participating at each school

Hula hoops, jump ropes and other items encourage activities

Partners: Astoria, Warrenton and Seaside school districts, Providence Seaside Hospital, Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District, Clatsop County Health Department.

$30,000 Providence grant.