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Introducing The Way to Wellville

Our goal is to build networks through community organizing to increase access to and use of beneficial services, activities and resources to improve the health of Clatsop County residents. The following four focus areas were determined to have the greatest community benefit. Explore each category by moving your cursor over the interactive icons to learn more about the programs.

Community Wellness
Economic Opportunity
Emotional Health
Health Care Access

Featured Story

  • Clatsop Kids Go encourages healthy habits

    Nov 20, 2018

    By Sue Cody

    Children play to learn, and in Warrenton, that can mean the old Rock, Paper, Scissors game with a twist.

    A fast-paced team-version gets somewhat rowdy, and helps kids be engaged, active and learn to handle emotions.

    Kids playing Rock, Paper, Scissors

    This activity is just one part of the Clatsop Kids Go program offered in Clatsop County schools. The Way to Wellville program is designed to create positive attitudes, physical activity, improved nutrition and overall well-being for third-, fourth- and fifth-graders.

    A grant from Providence Seaside Hospital supports the program.

    Now in its third year, it will serve 300 children during the school year.

    Creator and coordinator Sarah LaCoste Brown says the program focuses on the principle of 5-2-1-0+9:

    • Five servings of fruits and vegetables per day
    • Two hours or less of recreational screen time
    • One hour of physical activity
    • Zero sugar sweetened beverages
    • Nine hours of sleep at night

    “By providing the children this easy to remember principle, we give them go-to tools for tracking their own growth to health and wellness,” Brown says.


    “Life skills like patience and resilience are learned by playing games, like the Rock Paper Scissors Relay. Other activities include yoga, jiu jitsu and gardening. More nutrition education and cooking are planned to further healthy eating habits.

    Program assistant Jessica Morrow says there are plans to introduce more cultural events this session by virtually visiting 10 countries to learn about their cultures.

    Clatsop Kids Go is partnering with area businesses such as Natural Grocers and Bumble Art Studio, to show kids a wide range of resources in their community.

    Brown says, “In addition to these continued lessons, we also are reinforcing the concepts of mindfulness and healthy coping, so students can further develop their emotional intelligence and behavior regulation.”

    Warrenton School Nurse Jackie Wellborn says she has seen great behavioral and self-esteem changes in kids who participated in Clatsop Kids Go. She says teachers have also reported positive changes in student behavior.

    “We are excited about the growth the program has experienced,” says Brown, “and we are grateful to Providence Seaside Hospital for granting us the opportunity to continue this program.”

    The Way to Wellville and its sponsor, Columbia Pacific Coordinated Care Organization, encourage healthy living.

What's New 


Put a spark back in your life:
Get out and exercise!

The Way to Wellville is working with small businesses to create Work Place Wellness Programs. One of these programs is our Way to Wellville Activity Card. If your small business is interested in starting a Work Place Wellness Program please contact us at

The Activity card is a way to help employees find what kind of exercise might work for them. We have partnered with local businesses, agencies and parks to get you started for FREE. Below are examples of what activities you can try for free here in Clatsop County. 

Front Copy of FInal Card
Final Picture of Card Back

Who We Are

  • Our Strategic Council

    Way to Wellville is supported in Clatsop County by our Strategic Council. The Strategic Council is responsible for identifying potential health promotion projects, providing oversight for Way to Wellville developed initiatives, leadership in the community promoting Way to Wellville and partner organization, and effectively represent a wide variety of community viewpoints.
  • Community Partners

    Community Partners throughout Clatsop County are coming together to help Way to Wellville succeed in our mission. Learn more about our current partners and how your organization can get involved.
  • Our Staff

    Clatsop County's Way to Wellville program is organized by a small team of dedicated individuals alongside our partners throughout the community. Learn more about who we are, what we do and how to contact us if you would like to get involved.

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