Community Advisory Council discusses substance use


By Sue Cody

Thirty health care workers and community representatives attended Columbia Pacific Coordinated Care Organization’s quarterly Community Advisory Council (CAC) community conversation to address substance use disorder.


A panel discussion in Seaside on June 12 identified both resources and areas for improvement.

 Panelists were:

• Alan Evans, CEO of Helping Hands Reentry Program
• Dr. Lisa Huddleston, a primary care physician at Providence Seaside Medical Center
• Corrie Falleur, recent high-school graduate
• Kim Krause, administrator Bridge to Pathways, a detox center in St. Helens



Panelists discussed substance use in Columbia, Tillamook and Clatsop counties. The CAC surveyed use and identified resources, such as Helping Hands and Jordan’s Hope for Recovery.

When asked what the community can do to address the opioid epidemic, Evans said it was important to work together, share data and “treat the person’s story.” In other words, take into account trauma someone has experienced.


CAC Coordinator Sarah LaCoste Brown said the meeting was very educational and helped identify gaps in service.

The major service gaps identified were:

• Detox center
• Trauma-informed care
• Mental health
• Education
• Funding


Having only one detox center that accepts the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) does not meet the demand of the three counties.

Brown said education and promotion of available resources should become higher priorities. Moving forward, another goal is to create a trauma-informed community.

Those who attended should look for a follow-up survey from Brown.  Members who are interested in serving on the CAC should contact Brown at

For a complete list of recovery resources and meetings in Clatsop, Columbia, Tillamook and Pacific counties, see: