Activity cards encourage steps to wellness


Get out and get moving!

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That is the message The Way to Wellville’s Community Wellness Team wants to share. Partnering with 11 local outlets, the team created activity cards that offer a discount, free class or parking as an incentive for physical activity in Clatsop County.

Discounts or free passes are offered for roller skating at Astoria Armory, recreation entrance to Sunset Empire Park and Recreation, a walk on the new indoor track at Clatsop Community College, yoga and fitness studios, golf and more.

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The activity cards are distributed through health care facilities and small businesses as part of Workplace Wellness programs.

“People are intimidated by the prospect of having to develop a health and wellness routine,” says Seaside Yoga owner Kristin Tschannen. “All they really have to do is step foot inside a yoga studio or some kind of exercise facility and start with baby steps. Just being there is the first step on that journey.”

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The cards were designed to get people to take that first step toward physical activity, whether it is a Valhalla Combat class or a hike at Fort Clatsop.

At CCC’s Patriot Hall, staff are enthusiastic about the activity cards. Helen Overholser says, “Anything that gets people up and out of their chair and gets them here to walk the track is a good thing.”

JoAnn Zahn points out the beautiful view of Astoria and the Columbia River that can be seen from the indoor track.

Tschannen, who is a Way to Wellville Community Team member, says, “The sense of community here is really exciting. The most rewarding for me is when people stand around after yoga class and talk about what makes them feel good; connecting from that place of health and well-being.”

Clatsop County’s Way to Wellville’s mission is to improve health through high-quality education, physical activity, nutrition and trauma-informed care. The Columbia Pacific Coordinated Care Organization sponsors the local Way to Wellville.

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For information on the activity cards, email Sydney Van Dusen at