Just Run Bike Swim Astoria


By Sue Cody

W2W Nancy FrederickKnown as the Wellness Champion for the Astoria School District, Nancy Frederick has created a Facebook page called Just Run Bike Swim Astoria, where people can invite others to join them in a physical activity.

On Wednesdays a social run is scheduled at 5:30 p.m. and posted on the Facebook page. Usually people meet at Fort George, run or walk at their own pace and return to Fort George for some food and refreshment. Anyone can participate, Frederick says. Other activities are posted as they evolve.

About six or seven years ago, Frederick says she randomly started the Facebook group to find fellow exercise enthusiasts. Now the group is almost up to 500 members, though most weeks five to 15 participants show up.

They meet outside, introduce themselves and see how far or how long people want to walk or run and meet up afterward, with the first ones back saving a table. “It’s a great way to meet friends for pleasure and have some fun, Frederick says.

Some background

Frederick was a triathlete until she injured herself in a bicycle accident a couple years ago. Healed now, she has discovered a love of trail running. When not in training, she says she likes to smell the roses and discover sites she never knew were there.


Trial runs have included Fort Clatsop, the airport trails and Lewis and Clark. A Halloween run for the hard-core athletes run went up Saddle Mountain. On her radar now are all the named peaks in Clatsop County.

“Some are named and some are numbered, Frederick said. “We want to do all the named peaks.”

The Wednesday runs are more social.

“Everyone thinks they aren’t fast enough, but they can go at any pace,” Frederick says. She would like to see someone organize walkers, and post on the Facebook page.

People tend to go their own way in the summer, but in the fall and winter, activities gear up. Participants run in the rain, snow and dark, she says. During the summer, she invites people to swim Coffenbury Lake.

Frederick is a teacher at Lewis and Clark Elementary School and serves on the district Health and Wellness team. She is concerned about people spending too much time being sedentary or playing video games. She says it is easy to get a second wind if you just go out and do something.

“When you think you don’t have energy, go for a walk or run. It is never not worth it when you finish,” she says.

Frederick has a motto: Energy breeds energy; fatigue breeds fatigue.

The Wellness Champion moniker was given to Frederick by colleagues when The Way to Wellville and Lewis and Clark National Historical Park sponsored the I Will Walk 2,000 Mile Challenge. The idea was a team of 10 or fewer could log 2,000 miles walking, running or doing exercise over the course of a year if each walked an average of 4 miles a week. Frederick logged more than 1,000 miles for her team.

“Training is fun together,” she says, “by yourself, it’s boring.”

Check out the Facebook page http://bit.ly/W2Wjustrun.