Partnership offers free prescription discount cards


By Sue Cody


FamilyWize cardIf you are hoping to save money on your drug prescription, there is good news. The Way to Wellville and United Way of Clatsop County have partnered to bring FamilyWize prescription savings cards to the community.


Cost is the No. 1 reason people do not take their prescription medications as directed, according to FamilyWize Community Service Partnership, Inc. The company is committed to helping improve people’s health by making prescription medications more affordable.


One of The Way to Wellville focus areas is to find innovative ways to increase access to health services. Nancy Knopf, a member of the Way to Wellville Strategic Advisory Council, says, “Providing people with the FamilyWize prescription savings cards is one step we can take to assist the community to improve their overall health care.”


“This is a great opportunity to offer a free program to help our community, whether they are insured or not,” says Jennifer Holen, director of United Way of Clatsop County.


The cards are free to everyone. There are no eligibility or registration requirements. The discounts apply to all FDA approved prescription medications at more than 60,000 pharmacies. The average savings is 43 percent.


“I am interested to see how much this program will save the citizens of our county,” Holen says. “In 2011, when the local United Way partnered with FamilyWize, Clatsop County residents saved more than $52,000. It is exciting to get these savings into the hands of people who can truly benefit.”


About FamilyWize


FamilyWize works with community partners and pharmacies to help individuals gain savings on prescription medications. FamilyWize reports that its prescription savings program helped 9.1 million people nationwide fill 48 million prescriptions at a savings of $968 million.


In addition to receiving a discount, cardholders can look up drug prices at their pharmacies online at


Residents in Tillamook and Columbia counties are also welcome to use the FamilyWize cards.


Prescription cards are available from United Way and its agencies, at doctors’ offices, local hospitals, Clatsop County Public Health, Northwest Parenting and Clatsop Behavioral Healthcare. People also can request a card by emailing Sydney Van Dusen at