Healthy competition in the works


By Sue Cody

NPSCentennial2016The National Park Service turns 100 years old in 2016. To celebrate, Scott Tucker, superintendent of Lewis and Clark National Historical Park came up with a fitness challenge, “I will walk 2,000 miles.” It is based on the Iron Ranger challenges held in 10 Pacific Northwest national parks for the past four years.

“It’s a fun thing to do in the slow months of winter,” Tucker said. “How cool would it be to throw out the challenge to Clatsop County?”

The National Park Service partnered with The Way to Wellville, Columbia Memorial Hospital, Providence Seaside Hospital and the Columbia Pacific Coordinated Care Organization to sponsor the challenge.

Teams of five to 10 people can challenge themselves and other teams to complete 2,000 miles over the course of a year or 500 miles in a 90-day period. Alternately, teams can determine their own goals. Each individual’s miles are tracked and added to the team’s total each week on a Facebook page.

For those who prefer other exercises, there is a conversion chart to map equivalent miles from swimming, biking, dancing gardening and all kinds of activities. For instance one mile equals one hour of easy gardening; 40 minutes of moderate gardening; or 30 minutes of vigorous gardening.

The conversion chart and mileage tracker are located under the “file” category on the Facebook page.

“One way to add some fun to the challenge is to use peer pressure to talk teammates into going on a hike, swim or bike ride,” Tucker said.

The challenge begins in October.

“The goal is to get people out and use the parks, join friends in similar activities and enjoy what Clatsop County has to offer,” Tucker said. “And most are free.”

For registration and information see “I will walk 2,000 miles” on Facebook or