Trauma Informed Care is pilot project at Warrenton


By Sue Cody

Georgina JonesA behavioral support consortium classroom at Warrenton Grade School has the capacity to serve 10 children with behaviors that keep them from learning well in a typical classroom. This year, the classroom will have a Trauma Informed Care teacher, funded by Greater Oregon Behavioral Health, Inc. (GOBHI).

Trauma Informed Care addresses a child’s history and takes into account childhood traumas, including physical or mental abuse, unmet basic needs, parental substance abuse, neglect and other negative factors. Educators and others can then create an environment where kids can succeed, said Georgina Jones, Children’s Services coordinator for Columbia Pacific Coordinated Care Organization (CCO).

Educators, parents and staff will build relationships that do not trigger trauma. Children who haven’t had success in a typical classroom will receive care that will ideally train them to be able to return to the regular classroom.

The Warrenton classroom serves students from all of Clatsop County. This pilot project is for one year, but may receive future funding if it is successful.

“This is an awesome start to a shifting culture,” Jones said. “If kids can get help in that classroom, it will ripple out.”