National Suicide Prevention Week


FBprofile2015.1Did you know that, in the United States, one person completes suicide every 13 minutes? Or it’s estimated that more than 5 million people in the United States have been directly affected by a suicide? Or that 50% of all persons who die by suicide use a firearm, kept in the home allegedly for safety, to kill themselves.

Experts believe that most suicidal individuals do not want to die. They just want to end the pain they are experiencing.

Experts also know that suicidal crises tend to be brief. When suicidal behaviors are detected early, lives can be saved. There are services available in our community for the assessment and treatment of suicidal behaviors and their underlying causes.

September 7th through September 13th is National Suicide Prevention Week. This year’s theme is “Preventing Suicide: Reaching out and Saving Lives.” Please join us in supporting suicide prevention. Together we can reduce the number of lives shaken by a needless and tragic death.

From the Oregon Public Health Division:
See the latest report, Suicides in Oregon: Trends & Associated Factors 2003-2012 for data and more information specific to Oregon and Oregon counties. This report was just released in June 2015.

Evidence-based document from
Recommendations for Reporting on Suicide

For more information, please visit the Oregon Public Health Division's Youth Suicide Prevention Program.