Dealing with chronic pain

08/28/2015 By Patti Atkins

PhyllisWarrenton resident Phyllis Shatto knows all about chronic, persistent pain. She has been dealing with pain for years as a result of degenerative disc disease and arthritis in her lower back. Sometimes it’s so bad she can’t walk, or function at all. She says she’s looking forward to surgery on her lower back in two weeks that she hopes will relieve the pain.

In the meantime, Phyllis has been attending 10 weekly sessions at the North Coast Pain Clinic -- now located in Warrenton -- to learn how to manage her pain symptoms and live a full life.

“Nothing short of surgery is going to stop my physical pain,” Phyllis says. “But I learned that I can change my perception of pain. We learned how to not focus on the pain by using other techniques, including aroma therapy, music, relaxation and other techniques. The classes were so valuable. We also learned about body mechanics, like rising from the floor without causing further injury. I can’t believe how much I didn’t know about my pain.”

Phyllis was also relieved to meet other people in the sessions who are dealing with chronic pain issues. She said that it helped her emotionally to know that she wasn’t alone in her predicament.

“I want to tell you though,” Phyllis said. “The best part was when I learned that laughter truly is the best form of medicine in class. I now spend a lot of time laughing.”


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